5 Industries Already Focused On Renewable, Sustainable Energy

While, unfortunately, political spin, is, a reality of our system of government, we must not overlook, the potential dangers, of, proceeding, with the same – old, same – old, rather than seeking the finest, often – necessary, well – considered, viable solutions, to address true needs, goals, priorities, etc! In 2016, Donald Trump upset the political experts, and normal expectations, by articulating a campaign strategy, emphasizing his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again! However, many believe, the past four years, has seriously set us, back, significantly, in many areas, especially, those related to the environmental, and climate needs, and need to seek renewable, sustainable energy sources, and approaches, instead of, merely, the same – old, same – old, business – as – usual, and excessive reliance on fossil fuels. While politicians, often, seem to focus on their personal agenda, etc, the world must address these challenges, sooner, rather than later! Even, many of the largest corporations, in the world, recognize this, and, already, are focused on replacing so much reliance on fossil fuels, with a far, greater one, on renewable, sustainable energy! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 industries, which have meaningful plans.

1. Automotive: Nearly, every, auto manufacturer have made significant changes, in powering their vehicles. Government standards, created, originally, during President Carter’s administration in the 1970’s, have reduced how much fuel, vehicles use! Most of them, now, have models, which are, either, hybrid, and/ or, electric, and, several, have plans, in the not – so – distant, future, to transform, to, all – electric vehicles.

2. Cruise ships: A combination of factors, have contributed to environmental efforts, of several cruise lines! Every ship owned, and operated, by Viking Cruise Lines, has used a combination of hybrid resources, enhanced environmental usage, etc. Most others, have taken steps, to reduce their fuel consumption, also!

3. Industrial/ Logistics/ Transport: Amazon states, every one of their delivery vehicles, will be electric, within about a decade. UPS has taken several fuel – savings, steps. If one drives, past, the pharmaceutical companies, in New Jersey, you will observe, solar panel, farms! Many bus companies, use, either, natural gas, hybrid, and/ or, electric, to fuel their buses, etc.

4. Residential: More fuel – efficient furnaces, etc, have reduced houses use, of non – renewable energies! In addition, several, have modified their heating, etc, systems, by using solar, and/ or, geo – thermal, etc, to make a significant difference, for the better!

5. Other possibilities – airplane, trains, etc: There have been many technological advantages, in this area, to improve, and reduce fuel usage, in airplanes, trains, etc, but there is still, quite, a distance, to – go!

If industries seem ready, to gradually, modify their behaviors, etc, shouldn’t governments, do, likewise? Wake up, America, and demand, better, more relevant, sustainable leadership, plans, and priorities!

Source by Richard Brody