Be Care-Free In Love But Not Care-Less

Love is the ultimate truth

When you love someone you don’t look at the appearance, caste or creed. You just love that person immensely without expectations. Well, that’s what I think because personally I believe that love has no boundaries, no grudges or anything bad that makes us think twice before accepting our prince/princess charming.

Express and don’t hesitate

Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move or else you would be waiting for a lifetime until you lose all your teeth. This is really true because I have seen teenagers, adults and even people over fifty who fall in love but never ever say it. Oh dear, why don’t you just express yourself to that person? If he/she will refuse it will be least important, because you confessed your true feelings for her/him. That will make you a hero in his/her eyes. Being honest, sincere and unfailing in your approach will definitely win a good place in their hearts for you.

Love is a plant

Another thing, don’t be in a hurry to possess your love. That will only make your ruin the beautiful moments that you plan to have later. Love is like a plant and it needs a careful nurturing. Be slow, steady yet determined to have them in your hearts, because getting mentally closer is more important than having them in your arms. These things apply for both men and women. For teenagers, guys, you have to wait until you get full matured and understand enough the real meaning of spending your life together with your dream boy/girl. I am not saying true love doesn’t exist. It does definitely. But you need to realise it. It can happen in a spur of moment, or it can take years after you get married to someone completely different. But, love will happen and it’s not an assurance but deep faith and belief. I really think, where there is God there is love, so if you believe in God you will surely believe in love.

The Then & Now

The modern age is a mixture of mental and physical connection. I am not against anything; you can connect with your soul mate but make sure you recognize it. Not everybody marries the love of their life but you can surely love the one you marry. The important thing is to understand, respect and adore your partner’s feelings and their passion. Men and Women, both have that understanding of running a successful marriage. They are educated modern people and they have seen the good and bad of their lives. The scenario was different for the past generation because our parents weren’t allowed to be in love at an early age. Their parents chose the bride and groom, and bingo! They were tied to an everlasting knot. I am citing these facts of particular countries which have strong religious beliefs and have some amount of traditional approach in the marriage thing. But please don’t worry. Today, the concept has changed and we are allowed to choose our life-partner by our own. The only thing is he/she should be acceptable to our parents and society and should NOT make us regret our decision at a later stage. Just be positive. God is with us, and he will definitely help in embellishing our lives. Good Luck and Bless you people.

Source by Janaki Mehta