California Invests $75 Million For Clean Energy Workforce Training Program (CEWTP)

California residents will have greater access to Solar Photovoltaic Training because over $75 million dollars will be invested in the California Clean Energy Workforce Training Program (CEWTP). This action lets us know that the state of California believes the hope for California’s economy lies within Green jobs. Although this money would not go directly to Training Providers, it does provide the residents of California with the opportunity to acquire the appropriate training to qualify for a green job. The 34 awardees of this investment money have already estimated training for approximately 5,600 workers through regional workforce training partnerships across the state, in the first phase of this program alone. With greater emphasis on clean energy such as Solar Panel Installation training and institutions offering training in renewable energy, there are three important things any individual interested in taking Solar Photovoltaic training should consider.

A portion of the 75 million dollar investment in the California Clean Energy Workforce Training Program will go into developing a standard curriculum that is sufficient to equip workers with the basic skills necessary to operate Green Jobs. These skills vary from Solar Panel installation training to Weatherization. Thus, we will see more six month certification programs with course units that may be integrated with engineering or environmental related degrees. This is great for anyone interested in a more extensive study in renewable energy.

For those who do not have the time, there are institutions that provide forty hour PV installation training certificates and solar thermal certificates. These certificate programs are more than adequate to provide students with the basic qualifications to launch into green jobs.

Green jobs have become very broad. Thorough training in clean energy is required for most employers to even consider you as having the competency to successfully carry out basic responsibilities. It is not enough to take a one day crash course for clean energy. But rather, aim for a certification in a renewable energy emphasis such as Solar photovoltaic training (PV installation training). In light of this fact, anyone interested in taking Solar Panel installation training has to consider Institutions that offer the best programs. There are few things that the best institutions offer in their Solar Photovoltaic Training. These are: Preparation for the North American Board of Energy Practitioner’s (NABCEP) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge exam, experienced and well informed instructors, fully equipped training lab and personal or self branding.

NABCEP is the gold standard for PV installation training certification and solar thermal certification. Their goal is to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence. Obtaining a NABCEP certification will give you National recognition as a PV Installer or Solar Sales Professionals. It also increases your chances of being hired. Good Solar Panel installation training will prepare their students for the NABCEP Entry Level Certification exam. An experienced and well informed instructor will be able to impart invaluable knowledge to the students regarding what to look out for in the industry. Personal branding is major for professional success. However, most professionals don’t know how to brand themselves, especially in a relatively young industry. An exceptional PV installation training certification will help their students with branding themselves in this young and growing industry.

Source by Fida Hossain