Create a Farmers Market in Your Front Yard

Last year I went on a city permaculture tour. It was a self-guided tour of homes in downtown Seattle that were providing their families with homegrown fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs and meat.

Some of the benefits to growing your own food are:

1) Lowering your cost on groceries

2) It teaches your children how food grows and the cycle of the seasons

3) Lowers the environmental impact of transporting food

4) Less packages and containers from processed food

5) Learning a new skill-set that you didn’t have before

6) More creative meals made because of fresh ingredients

7) Providing food for animals from the unused food on your trees and garden

8) The joy of interacting with the animals on your property (chickens, etc.)

9) Giving your body better nutrients from freshly picked produce

10) Turning your yard into a happy place buzzing with life

A tour of most of the homes featured innovative vegetable gardens, chicken coops and fruit trees. I then came across a sweet cottage that can only be described as magical. In the middle of a suburb of Seattle, a little patch of heaven was lovingly created. The owner had taken advantage of every square inch of her yard and created a farmers market just steps away from her front door.

Greeting her visitors was blueberry bushes filled with plump berries lining the driveway. On the side of the yard was a beehive alive with activity. In the backyard, goats and chickens lived happily together. Fruit trees dotted the front yard and backyard with flavorful jewels just begging to be picked. A vegetable garden was filled to the brim with produce ready to fill her basket that was standing nearby.

As I toured the garden I loved how it appealed to all of my senses. I loved hearing the buzzing of the bees as I passed them, the smell of the plums hanging from the trees, the feel of freshly picked herbs and watching the antics of the chickens and goats as they danced about their pen. Every where I turned, there was something that made me smile.

I could only imagine what it would be like to wake up in that cottage and step outside to that slice of heaven. We could all use a little bit more magic in our lives, don’t you think? Enchantment right out your front door is a wonderful way to start and end your day.

Source by Kelly Morse