Facts You Did Not Care About


Solar energy is as natural it can get. The energy radiating from the sun is called solar energy and there is never a shortage of it. It can be obtained abundantly from the sun, and virtually every living organism on planet earth to survive and gather energy and keep the daily processes going smoothly uses it. Solar energy is one of the oldest and traditional renewable energy resource that is used for running many modern technologies.

Solar energy is in fact better for the Environment than other usual traditional energy forms. Solar energy can be used for many day-to-day jobs like heating, cooking, drying of clothes etc. It can be directly used to make food. It also is a useful electricity source, which can be both cheap and reliable. Thus its worldwide demand is increasing and its actually gradually becoming more than its supply.

Another interesting fact is that, an average American family spends 70$ per month in energy cost of which more than 30% is for heating. By solar energy, the heating can be done much cost-effectively & efficiently. So, solar energy always saves you money, which is good for all! Though solar systems setting-up may require high costing initially, in the long run it saves you money in using it rather than the traditional technological energy sources. The multicolored Solar panels, which need a large area for installation, having proper battery back up can work 24*7 even on cloudy nights & imperfect weather conditions!

Environmentally speaking, solar energy is accountable for various weather patterning & Ocean currents. The modern technology may be wonder to few but they are also very much involved in developing a large chunk of the pollution in our earth, which harms us in the long run. Solar energy is efficient here as well as it is pollution free and eco-friendly. It doesn’t emit harmful green house gases and saves the earth from the menace called global warming which is currently all around the globe affecting the earth as a whole.

Some Interesting Facts:

· In 1 hour the sunlight which reaches the earth’s surface is greater than
what the total population of the earth use in 1 year.

· Among the renewable sources Solar Energy is believed to be the best and most efficient choice. This statement is consolidated by the fact that Shell oil predicts solar energy to be the main contributor to the total amount of renewable energy sources, which is believed to command half of the total energy in about 30 years.

· A World Record was set in 1990, when a solar energy powered aircraft flew across USA without using any fuel. Though, in case of solar energy powered cars, they may be eco-friendly and cheaper but it’s unsure that the comparatively slower car will appeal to modern people in the age of fast, swanky cars in their daily rat race called life.

· Near 2 billion people in the world are without electricity at the moment. Their only hope of power or electricity comes from solar energy systems, which can be set up at remote places serving to the unlucky few.

· Americans consume 26% of the earth’s energy though they account for the population for as low as 5% of the earth’s population. So an average American family consumes a lot of energy, which in turn emphasizes the need for solar energy that is available in quite an abundant quantity.

· Amazingly, Solar energy is to some extent dependent on nuclear energy. Though the nuclear plant for solar energy is located 93 million miles away!

· It’s a good thing that due to solar energy we are able to run technology and various machines like aircraft, car etc. without using fuels because according to many scientists, the world will run out of fuel in 5 billion years.

· If we covered a portion of the Sahara Desert with the photovoltaic cells, we could muster all the requirements of the earth!

· All TV and communication satellites use photovoltaic cells, which use solar energy. It is also used for electricity production and water heating by the help of photovoltaic cells and can also dry clothes.

· Besides all these, Solar energy can be used amazingly stunning ways like in solar homes, solar ponds, solar power satellites, solar chemicals etc. It seems like solar energy is everywhere in one way or the other.

So, we can safely say that solar energy is a thing for the future, which may save us from the innumerable difficulties that may plague the earth and squeeze the earth of its many necessary resources, fuel to name one among many others. Its eco-friendly nature will also help us save the earth, as many believe it to be affected a lot by global warming which is actually a justified
Yet potential warning for our future.

Source by Souvik Basu