Health Hazards Of Excessive Green Chillies And Sour Pickles

Hot vegetables like chillies, and pickled fruits and vegetables, can perk up the flavor in a dish without much fuss. But to eat them routinely till they become a part of your diet is another matter. The question is, can your system withstand this continuous onslaught of fiery or vinegary foods? The issue of food sensitivity arises when hot and pickled foods become regular items on your menu.

Green Chillies And Sour Pickles

There was the story of a very good lady cook who, like Jamie Oliver, was addicted to green chillies. While he may be enthralled by possible happiness conjured by a chemical in the hot vegetable, she got carried away by its overrated claims of Vitamin C benefits. Like the English celebrity chef, it is green chilli or nothing at all concerning food.

Aside, Jamie uses chillies to disciple his children though I doubt the lady chef can do that with her petite build.

While Jamie is a pickle master, pairing the pear with chilli, the mango with apricot and the radish with coriander; the lady chef is his perfect counterpart in pickling green fruits, like green papaya and green hog plum. Other than the chillies he eats, I think it is better for Jamie’s pickles to remain as recipes, since the lady chef has taken to her bed in the hospital due to an overdose of chillies and sour pickles! Alas! Didn’t she know that chillies and pickles are fatal?

Health Hazards

It is clear that you cannot live on a diet where chillies and sour pickles are eaten like staple foods. Your stomach will protest when the walls are irritated. Frequent bouts of vomiting will throw your diet into disarray and you simply cannot keep your food down. Worse still, this may be symptoms of a stomach ulcer. This is the consequence of taste overriding common sense. After all, a good, experienced chef may not be a nutritionist who makes wise food choices.

While you may enjoy an occasional dose of chillies pickled in vinegar, it can be harmful when you have eaten just enough pickles to constitute a health hazard. There is a need for moderation when taking foods with pungent tastes.

Having a foodwise grandmother has put me one up on that lady chef. She frowns on all kinds of hot peppers; so chilli is banished from the dinner table. Honestly, no one relishes the prospect of dealing with a sore throat on breaking any of her food laws

It was also doubly fortunate that nobody in the family has the time nor inclination for pickling, as the whole clan has been spared from the wrath of Hippocrates, whose food is medicine!

Source by Kez Sze