Keep Your Family Healthy and Planet Green With Pure Clay

The health and well-being of one’s family is their primary concern, but do we really feel the same about our planet? If you’re reading this, then you’re someone who wishes to do their part in making the earth better, healthier and greener. This article talks about something from our kitchen that’s not just healthy for you but the planet as well.

Conventional cookware is made from metals or ceramics and is unhealthy in every aspect. Here’s how they contribute to contamination of natural resources and indirectly harm us in the process:

A large number of trees are cut to clear land for mining metals and mineral ores (to make ceramics). This disrupts wildlife in that area permanently. The byproducts of the mining process are highly toxic and render natural resources like land, water, and air unfit for use by humans and animals. These pollutants contribute to serious diseases and affect all body functions.

Energy is consumed in large amounts for processing of these metals, minerals, and ores before they can be used to make something and the poisonous gases released in this process pollute the environment. The ores and minerals are not renewable – once consumed they can’t be replaced, negatively impacting the earth’s magnetic fields. In the long term, the consequences of this may be disastrous.

A Truly Healthy & Green Alternative

Pure clay is a naturally healthy material that is not only good for your family’s health but for the planet’s. It is innately inert and so, unlike metals/ceramics, it doesn’t leach while cooking, which makes it perfect for healthy cooking.

Pure clay doesn’t need to be mined, it is harvested from earth’s surface and is 100% renewable. Even after use, it’s fully biodegradable – no toxic byproducts, no poisonous gases. In fact, it nourishes instead of polluting it while “becoming” a part of the earth again. You can re-use pure clay pots in different ways like as flower pots, and no matter how you use them, all they spread is good health. Moreover, working with pure clay is nothing like working with metals – no toxic mines and no toxic byproducts that may harm the health of a potter.

It is in making these small, everyday choices that we make an overall global impact, in other words, the choice of clothes you wear, your shoes, the cookware, your bedsheets all of them directly give you the power to impact. For example, if only 10% of the population can use this personal and planet friendly cookware, mining can come to a halt in several ways and places; moreover, it will save a lot of energy consumed in bringing these metals from mines to your kitchen as cookware. Now that’s an earth-positive impact you can make.

Source by Sharon Ray