Male Iguana Ego – How It Is Similar To Human Male Ego

Did you know that iguanas were a relative of lizards? These creatures are among exotic animals people tend to make as their pets in modern day society. Due to this trend, many pet shops are selling iguanas at a relatively low price. Those being sold are typically young in age. What is the reason for people’s interests? They find iguanas as a cute animal so they get excited and what to take them home as pets. However, these reptiles do grow bigger and have the tendency to get aggressive.

While iguanas can make a wonderful pet; people should never forget they like other pets, they need proper food and care. It is necessary to learn how the iguana and their habitat works in order to give them the proper care they need to grow.

So what is an iguana? How are they similar to lizards? What are the iguana’s characteristics and are they harmful? Remember that iguanas are similar to lizards and they belong in the same family but to be more specific about them they belong in the family Iguanidae.

Iguanas are seen as invasive creatures that can be found on the shores of Gasparilla Island and along the gulf of Florida coastline. They can be seen attics of houses and along the beach. However, they thrive better while they are in the desert and rain forests as a wild animal.

There are many iguana species. They vary because of their environment in which they settle. Some live on dry lands while some grow better in the rain forests. Some iguanas can even be seen in the sea. Those are called marine iguanas. They are green iguanas which are commonly found in Mexico and the South American countries especially Brazil. They are classified into four different but major names: marine iguana, green iguana, blue iguana and lesser Antillean iguana. As for eating, iguanas are well known for being herbivores, which means they eat leaves, fruits and plant parts.

Like other animals, how they look and behave vary. Basically, how a male and female look and act are different from one another. When a male feels territorial, it will fight hard with other male iguanas even if they may not win the battle. This is due to being supreme iguana over the area. Sometimes male iguanas will seek out other male iguanas to wage war. Like human beings, the iguana has an ego and it mainly says they need to be the most powerful in a certain territory. They will wage wars and mate with the female iguanas.

Other Interesting Iguana Facts

Iguanas have the tendency to be arboreal. What does this mean? It boils down to dwelling in trees. It is very natural for them to stay in trees as well as climb on things. They can lay eggs, which may or may not make it due to predators and iguanas can live up to 30 or so years.

Should you really want to keep an iguana as a pet, there are things to take into consideration when caring for them. The iguana’s cage should be cleaned out on a regular basis and be very big to let the iguana grow.

The iguana will need proper lighting, a good supply of heat and last, but not least, water. They will need to be fed daily and properly be fed to keep them in wonderful physical shape. An iguana should see a vet for a yearly checkup. Once all these things have been contemplated and they are understood, then perhaps you are ready for an iguana as a pet.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal