Renewable Energy Resources Explored

In this article we look at the importance of finding renewable energy resources and some of the more forward thinking innovations that are being put forward. It may be best to take a quick look at what renewable energy is. The simplest definition would be forms of energy that are more environmentally friendly, though not currently in mainstream use. Solar energy has received the most attention together with wind and geothermal energy, all of which are not being used to their full potential.

As the world continues its march on progress, growing energy demands necessitate the discovery of ways to supply this demand. Though limited in use, man has learned to harness these resources from the sun and the wind to give us solar and wind energy. Both sources of power have been studied in great detail but scientists are still unsure which the best source is for power generation.

With all the scientific interest and studies these two forms of alternative energy have generated, another energy source option has surfaced. By combining solar energy and wind energy, scientists in Washington, USA have begun producing solar wind energy. This is a huge energy source that properly optimized can adequately meet the energy requirements we have.

Yet another source for renewable energy has been discovered by the physicists at the University of Arizona. Industrialization has grown at a very rapid pace and continues to do so. Up until recently, there has been a lot of heat generated, but it was always treated as waste. With so much heat being generated and wasted, great minds began thinking about finding ways to transform this heat into a source for electric power.

What the physicists are looking at is thermoelectricity to convert heat into electric energy, making use of a device that has no moving parts. Using the waste heat has several advantages, but the major advantage lies in efficient thermoelectric materials eliminating ozone depleting materials.

At the rate our consumption of fossil fuel is going, the writing is on the wall – we have to find renewable energy resources and fast! A huge energy crisis is expected to happen in this century and in order to survive this crisis; we have to find new ways to extract energy from renewable sources. Many of the companies in the energy industry are looking at and inventing ways to find renewable alternative energy sources.

Source by Greg Parsons