Report Indicates That Renewable Energy Will Create More Jobs Than Coal

The findings from the study released last week go against conventional thinking that the demise of the coal mining industry will be accompanied by a massive loss in jobs and the obvious negative socio-economic consequences that will come with it. The report set out that by 2030, a move towards renewable energy power generation could create up to 2.7 millions jobs compared to staying with fossil fuels.

The report stated,

“A switch from coal to renewable electricity generation will not just avoid 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, but will create 2.7 million more jobs by 2030 than if we continue business as usual.”

With a strong support for renewable energy, the report said that it was crucial that governments act to make power generation by renewable means, a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Where in the past governments were wary that the decline of traditional industries such as coal would have detrimental repercussions for employment figures, now governments are aware that with the right legislation in place, growing renewable industries can create their own job sectors.

This concept has been expounded by a number of world leaders, including Gordon Brown who announced at the beginning of the year that he would seek to implement a ‘green new deal’ in the UK, using new renewable industries as a means of revitalizing the stagnant economy.

Talking about the relationship between renewable energy and job creation, Sven Teske of Greenpeace commented,

“Renewable power industries can create a lot of jobs,” going to add the caveat that, “renewables must be competitive in the long term”.

Source by Kevin Langley