Suffering From Brown Lawn Syndrome?

Brown lawns can be embarrassing. You want a lawn that is green and healthy looking. Whether you are having company or just relaxing outside with your family, you want a healthy green lawn to enjoy. This really is not that much to ask. The good news is that it is easy to achieve the beautiful green lawn that you are looking for, and to end the frustration of having a brown lawn.

Brown lawn patches can be caused by a variety of things, but most of these issues can be taken care of with a good greening blend of fertilizer and grass feeder. One very good organic option is Green Sustaining Blend. This cure for brown lawn issues is not only effective, but is also organic. Most people have begun to realize the importance of using organic lawn care products whenever possible.

Curing your brown lawn issues with an organic product means that you are less likely to suffer from brown lawn syndrome in the future as well. Organic cures also offer other benefits; they are child-safe, pet-safe, and Earth-safe. Many chemical fertilizers and lawn treatments are not safe for your family and can possibly contaminate your water. While solving brown lawn issues is important, no one wants to endanger their family or pets.

Give yourself and your family a safe and beautiful lawn to enjoy without a lot of hassle. If you choose a product like Green Sustaining Blend then you can apply it in the spring and fall while you are watering your lawn. Organic products are safe and even beneficial for flower beds and landscape plantings, not just your lawn. This removes the problem of trying to cover all your plants to protect them from possible damage.

If you are planning a special outdoor event during the summer, simply add one more application a few days before your event to ensure that any brown lawn issues do not reappear. Generally the spring and fall spraying will control brown lawn problems but an extra spray will not harm your lawn and will ensure a lush green lawn for your planned event. It’s a good idea, when you are planning an outdoor event that may mean an increase in traffic on your lawn, to give it a little extra boost. Hot, dry summer months can be hard on your lawn so a little extra care is just good common sense.

Organic lawn care is quickly becoming the preferred choice of most lawn care experts. They know that natural products can be just as effective as more traditional chemical products and are safer for the people and animals in the area. Even if you do not have pets yourself, chemical products can cause illness or death to birds and other wildlife in the area around your lawn. Part of enjoying your lawn is being able to enjoy the birds and squirrels that share it with you. Organic products ensure that you are able to continue enjoying all the benefits of nature.

Source by Judson Burdon