Superfood Review: Proto-Col Green Magic

In this superfood review I found that proto-col green magic is a blend of 17 of the planet’s most effective and nutritious superfoods. It contains two of the highest sources of protein, traps cholesterol and helps remove it from the body. proto-col green magic contains a high concentration of natural minerals and trace minerals. It also contains Transferric Acid which is a powerful brain nutrient.

“Nutrition can keep you young”.

proto-col green magic influences your DNA and body processes and has been clinically proven to reduce the body’s biological age significantly.

Superfood Review: Spirulina, ‘Natures Sunlight’

proto-col green magic contains many essential ingredients; Spirulina is one of the most effective. Spirulina Pacifica has the highest protein value of any natural food, (65%)

compared to: Animal/ Fish 15%-25% Eggs 12% Grains 8%-14% Soya beans 35%.

This pristine product is grown in Hawaii in 360 days of sunlight. The concentrated sunlight gives a high source of Chlorophyll a rich source of natural iron.

This is a great product for vegetarians as it contains protein – the building blocks of health. Spirulina also plays a very good role in the metabolic structure as it has a complete

amino acid complex. It contains 100% of the daily essential amino acids in just four heaped teaspoons. Spirulina offers quick energy without taxing the pancreas. You will get a gradual energy release to see you through the ‘munchies’ stages throughout the day.

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My superfood review also found that proto-col green magic is nutrient dense and contains Vitamin B12 and B Complex Vitamins.

Spirulina is the richest source of B12 higher than beef liver and is the best non-animal source of B12. It is the richest iron food, 20 times higher than common iron foods.

In addition Spirulina contains a form of iron that is readily absorbable.

Not every superfood review will tell you what you are deficient in:

Did you know that 20% of women are iron deficient?

Spirulina is low in fat & calories and contains only 5% fat, far lower than almost all protein sources.

Calories: One serving (3 grams) contains only 3.6 calories.

Spirulina is the richest food in Beta Carotene, ten times higher than carrots and is excellent for your eyesight and skin.

1 proto-col green magic Serving = 68.890 IU Beta Carotene.

Another great source of protein and Beta Carotene is Chlorella this contains almost 50% protein, 20% complex carbohydrates and only 9% fat (of which 82% is unsaturated).

It also contains 18mg of Beta Carotene per gram.

green magic also contains an ingredient called Lecithin which emulsifies fats and oil into water.

Lecithin is also a brain fuel, excellent for memory and nerve function.

Directions: Consume a minimum of one serving each day. For optimum results take three servings per day.

Additional servings are recommended when the diet is lacking in green vegetables or where long term chronic nutritional needs persist.

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Mix proto-col green magic powder in your favourite juice, still mineral water or blend it into a smoothie or a shake.

The drink will go green but that’s just the goodness. There is hardly any taste and if you mix it with juice or blend it into a smoothie you won’t taste it at all.

The all-round super antioxidants supplement, green magic is available in four different sizes, priced at RRP £29.95 for 200g, RRP £19.95 for 100g and RRP £64.95 for 500g

Source by Darren L Rhodes