The Fairytale Beauty of a Rose Tree Garden

There are a select few botanical gardens that capture the fairytale beauty of a rose tree garden. Known more by their second name, these Rose Standards produce tiny roses that are grown by grafting rose plants to the original to transform it into a full canopy of roses.

With their dainty but lengthy stems, they average around three feet tall, with a full crown of flowers on top. The visual effects of these rose trees is so unique, with tall thin trunks bursting at the top with roses in full bloom.

The way to create a tree is simple; you’ll graft three portions of plants together. The thin trunk comes from just one plant, and the root structure is grafted in from another plant. Last but not least, you will graft a crown to the top of the trunk. The source of your new tree is taken from three different plants. To create an even more visually appealing plant, you can graft in two or three different colors of roses.

Many who have grown the beautiful plants have learned to graft in a double-decker plant. This creates an amazing cascade effect for your new garden, and can create the essence of a weeping willow tree. This look is so amazing and elegant, but the stems are so thin, holding up a top heavy bounty of flowers. Caring for the stem is critical, so that you can have a healthy and sturdy plant.

By combining several roses in your garden, you can have the most stunning floral landscape of anyone in your neighborhood. You will definitely be the envy of all your neighbors with your new, colorful creation. The look of a tree in a garden that is well cultivated produces an elegant and peaceful effect for your home. Whether you pick one vibrant color, or you mix a few colors together, you are sure to get a gorgeous look from the rose tree you create and care for.

In order to keep your new roses growing at their best, you need to prune them when necessary. While pruning is necessary, it’s also a matter of what you like. Pruning is essential to shaping your garden because without pruning the plant can lose their direction a little bit. Pruning the top of the plant is critical to keep your rose tree garden disease free, and to minimize the weight on top of this dainty stem. When pruning, remember to prune from the top but never prune the cane.

Keeping the cane free of pests is also another part of taking care of your rose plant. In order to protect them from elements you will probably want to pot them. Keeping your plants in pots will allow you move them indoors during the colder temperatures, and will save your roots from freezing. Otherwise, you will want to put quite a bit of mulch around them.

Gardens have been found at some of the most well-known castles and estates in the world. The rose tree garden was a common idea among the European countries, providing a feel of royalty and wealth. While these gardens are much more maintenance than any other type of rose garden, the look you get at the end will be worth the work.

Source by Jack Pollard