Venus Flytrap – Feeding Do’s and Don’ts

A Venus Flytrap is a fun and interesting plant to add to your collection. What a great conversation piece! It is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to own and care for. There are some things you should know when you need to feed a venus flytrap.

Feeding your flytrap is the fun part of owning this interesting plant. Although it gets it’s nutrients from the same things that other plants do like sun, soil and water, it will thrive when you feed it bugs. You will grow a much stronger plant when you add bugs to it’s diet.

You may wonder, “what bugs can I feed a flytrap?”. Here is a list:

* flies
* spiders
* crickets

Some of the bugs that you should not feed your it include:

* caterpillars (they may chew through the trap and kill your plant)
* butterflies or moths
* beetles (there outer shell is too hard)

Make sure that the bugs that you feed it are alive. The Flytrap has inner hairs that need to be triggered by motion to close the trap completely. If the bug is not alive, you can mimic life by moving the bug around lightly.

You will need to feed it once or twice a month. When you feed your plant, it’s trap will stay shut for 5 – 12 days. After that, the trap will open and allow the remaining body parts to blow away or drop to the ground. You do not need to immediately feed the plant again. Remember, no more than twice a month is recommended when feeding bugs to your plant.

It is not difficult to learn to feed a venus flytrap correctly. It just takes patience and some understand of how often it needs to eat.

Source by Barbara Neitzel