What Are the Best Renewable Energy Sources?

Now that many of us are starting to re-think how we get and use our energy, people are starting to ask questions. One of the most common is about different types of renewable energy sources and which one is the best. This is indeed the best way to go.

I am not sure that you can really say one type is ‘the best’ across the board. They all have their pros and cons. To some extent which type of energy source you choose will depend on where you live. Another factor is how much electricity you want your energy source to generate. For the purpose of this article we are going to stick with solar and wind power.

These are probably two of the most common, cost effective forms of green energy for individual household use today. Technology will to continue to advance and make converting the energy from the sun and wind and then storing it for later use, even more efficient.

Even so both of these forms of energy are viable right now for household use. You have no doubt seen solar panels on rooftops before. This is simply a way of gathering the energy of the sun where it can be converted into electricity and stored for later use.

Solar energy is great for certain parts of the country that get a lot of sunny days, but it still will not work at night so basically about 12 hours out of every day you will not be generating energy with solar panels. Wind turbines can provide around 60% of your household needs daily with just one turbine. You can build your own for very little money and with no special skills.

Of course a wind turbine needs wind to generate electricity. Both solar and wind power have their advantages and disadvantages. For many people combining both types of renewable energy sources is the best option. No matter which you choose the important thing is that you start using green sources of energy right now.

Source by Erick Juanich