What Kind of Empath Are You?

Are you an empath? You know you are sensitive and your strongest psychic sense is in feeling. For fun, take the quiz to find out which kind you are.

Circle in your head or write down which applies.

1. You come down with a sudden, horrible stomach ache. Logical mind says it was a bad lunch or the flu going around, but then your dog enters the room and pukes on the carpet. She looks a little green around the edges. (physical or animal empath)

2. While shopping at the nearby Walmart, you enter the frozen food section and want to burst out into tears. You feel overwhelming, deep sadness and loneliness. (emotional empath or allergy to poorly designed boxed foods)

3. While relaxing on the couch you suddenly hear words come from your dog, “I want to go for a walk now.” (animal empath or the result of smoking too many mushrooms)

4. Sitting in the backyard you feel a wave of joy come over you and a sense of peace, and you have an urge to smell the rose bush (nature empath, or the mushrooms are still doing their stuff from the day before)

5. You feel down and angry when two minutes before you felt peaceful. Your closest friend then calls and says he is feeling down and angry. (emotional empath or you just shopped at a crowded Walmart)

6. Two days before a major earthquake hits another country you have nightmares of earthquakes, anxiety or feelings of doom (mission empath or watching too many movies before bed)

7. You know that one fern plant needs more water and to be placed in a sunnier window (nature empath or you’ve read a lot of books on houseplants)

8. You receive strong messages or channelings that will help the world regarding self-esteem (mission empath or still feel the effects of the mushrooms)

9. You enter a hospital and feel fear, sadness, anxiety. You walk by one room and feel a pain in your side (physical empath or fear of hospitals)

If you circled one or more for nature empath: NATURE EMPATH you’re tuned into the Nature Spirits and Fairies. You would excel at healing with Nature.

If you circled one or more for emotional empath: EMOTIONAL EMPATH you’re tuned into the emotions of others. You just need to work on finding good tools and even better boundaries to take advantage of this gift.

If you circled one or more for physical empath: PHYSICAL EMPATH you’re tuned into the physical ailments of others. You will just need to discern how to get rid of the feelings and not take it on. You’d make a wonderful medical intuitive.

If you circled one or more for animal empath: ANIMAL EMPATH you’re tuned into animals and can help them greatly if you nurture this ability.

If you circled one or more for mission empath: MISSION EMPATH you’re tuned into the world and your gifts will be used to help the planet on a greater scale.

If you circled mushrooms: Whoa! Where did you get that stuff?

Source by Ronni Ann Hall