Why Is Caring for a Green Iguana Fast Becoming a Popular Choice for Pet Owners?

Maybe people are just getting tired of the same old thing in general. Or maybe it’s because the “new and exciting” is moving into every area of our lives. But regardless, the cat and dog pet owners seem to be on the endangered species list now-a-days.

People seem to love the majestic nature of exotic animals. And nobody can contest that green iguanas are becoming more and more popular as pets. But it can cause problems when one buys a pet because they think they are attractive. Without knowing that caring for a green iguana is far different from the average household pet, you can be caught off guard.

Green iguana care can be a simple daily routine, once the right elements have been put in place. But getting your pets habitat set up can be an unexpected challenge for some.

For example, humans and the common pet don’t require much beyond food and shelter. And of course, attention is a basic need for all living things. But when you have an animal from a completely different part of the world, environment actually becomes a bigger consideration.

Green iguanas are typically found in areas closer to the earth’s equator, like south America. These places have a higher temperature even at night. And an iguana is a cold blooded creature that relies on external heat to regulate body metabolism.

The humidity is also a lot higher, which helps with shedding and hydration. You might not even consider this if you are of the opinion that all living things drink water to ingest it. But a green iguana will rarely drink water. They can be trained to drink it more often in captivity, but it’s not in their nature to do so. Instead, they absorb it from the air mostly. This is probably because green iguanas are arboreal animals, meaning they live in the tree tops. They rarely come down to the ground because they are so much more vulnerable there.

And probably the biggest misconception that has to be overcome is that all light is the same. An iguana has an actual need for the spectrum of light that is harmful to most things. The UVB spectrum will ruin your car’s paint, destroy the roof on your house, give you painful sunburns, and many other destructive things. But your pet iguana will die a very uncomfortable death without it!

Most homes are not set up with the things this kind of pet needs. It takes research and some money to be ready for a pet like an iguana. But, if you’re all in, caring for a green iguana has become popular enough that lots of research and study has been done. The answers are out there. Just prepare ahead of time, and things will be just fine.

Source by Brad D Haslam