Zone 5 Gardening – Recommended Annuals For Containers

Even if you’ve got a 100% certified brown thumb, container gardening can make you feel like a pro. All you need is a container, potting soil, and a plant! To help you choose a plant, here are our recommendations for easy care Zone 5 container plants…

Why Container Gardening?

Without question, container gardening is the best way to start for those who are new to the gardening hobby. It’s also an ideal choice for those who are not as confident in their abilities or just seem to have the proverbial brown thumb.

In reality, there’s no such thing as a brown thumb. Usually, problems stem from a lack of information or lack of pre planning. Both can be easily rectified, so hang in there. You’ll be growing beautiful plants in no time!

You’ll enjoy container gardening not only because it’s easy, but also for the beauty it can add to your outdoor areas. Container plants serve as attractive accents to doorways, garden edges, or any space that needs a splash of color.

The key ingredients are knowing which plants are appropriate for your growing area. Also, you need to monitor the watering needs of your plants. Once you get into the habit of checking, container gardening will be a breeze!

Recommended Zone 5 Container Plants

In case you are not aware, growing zones are designated in the gardening hobby to help you determine which plants are appropriate for where you live. The zones are based on environmental factors, like heat and cold, plus moisture conditions.

Zone 5 is the upper midwest area, including northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Indiana, and parts of Ohio. See our website for further details.

Now let’s talk about three plants that are ideal for containers in Zone 5…

Vincas are a pretty flower that love full sun and are really easy to grow. Just add water when they start to droop a little. Our aunt who lived in Chicago couldn’t grow anything in the container outside her front door. We introduced her to vincas and soon thereafter she had everyone on her block asking about her new pretty flowers! So if you’re lacking in gardening confidence, try vincas.

Lantana is another plant that is very colorful and easy to grow. As an added bonus, they are tolerant of drought so this too is another good choice for beginners. They are also known to attract butterflies!

Another great choice for containers in Zone 5 are petunias. A very popular flower, petunias will give you a nice cascading effect as they mature during the season.


Container gardening is not only ideal for beginners, but any level of gardener who wants to add a dash of color to their outdoor living space. Always look for hardy, easy care varieties that are appropriate for your growing zone.

Vincas, lantana, and petunias are great choices for Zone 5. Each of these varieties is easy to grow and very colorful. A sturdy container, potting soil, and a willingness to water is about all you’ll need!

Source by Laura A. Hofman